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6 Week BJJ Fundamentals Program

About the program:

We are happy to introduce the 6 week introduction program for beginners of all ages. This is a great way to ease into any program we offer without feeling overwhelmed. You will be in a group with beginners at the same-level focusing on the fundamentals of the program you choose. The classes are structured to focus on the basic positioning and body movements and is geared for a smooth transition into the more advanced classes post program. Classes are an hour long and a uniform is included in the cost!

The program/classes are geared to focus solely on the basics of Jiu Jitsu movements, positions, and submissions

Forward Rolls
Backwards rolls
Wrestling shot
Butt scoot
Half guard
Butterfly guard
Side Mount
Knee on Belly
Rear Mount
Sweeps and Submissions
Bottom Cross collar choke
Arm bar
Kimura sweep
Scissor Sweep
Top Break guard
Pass - Knee Slice
Half guard
Bottom Control distance with frames
Shrimp out to get full guard
Top Pass

To begin, click the sign up button, select the member option then continue down the form. 

Any further questions please email us

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Free Trial Class

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